Ketolicious Kreations cooks healthy, family friendly meals using your own ingredients so you stay in complete control. Recipes can be adjusted to suit your needs which means you can swap or add ingredients as you prefer. Our meals are accessible for everyone and are not only exclusive to those on Keto diets. We understand that clients have different dietary requirements, allergies or just general food preferences. You may favour meals that are low carb, low calorie, dairy free, egg free, preservative free, gluten free, lactose free, olive products free or pork free. We can cater for your preferences, just let us know!

When making a booking, you have the opportunity to select your meals from our extensive menu before finalising the booking. You will receive an ingredient list where you can decide how much you want to spend on groceries. You can add or swap ingredients as long as it stays within the cooking time frame and doesn’t completely change the dish. We will then attend your home at a designated date and time. Cooking supplies are provided. Your kitchen will be left as clean as we found it once all the healthy delicious meals are cooked up!

Every dish prepared will be enough for four serves. You can choose either three or five different dishes – that’s 12 or 20 individual meals depending on how many you choose.  All meals are suitable for freezing. So all you need to do is to select which dish takes your fancy and heat it up!

We are environmentally conscious so request that you provide your own reusable containers. Otherwise, single use containers can be provided for an extra fee. 

Our certifications include food safety and a current National Police Clearance certificate to ease your mind. We are now a registered NDIS provider.

Contact us today and let us make life easier for you if you lead a busy life or want the occasional night off cooking.

We look forward to meeting you and providing delicious healthy meals to you!

Can you cook my meals at your house and I’ll pick them up?

This is not an option I able to offer I’m sorry. Selling pre-made meals from a non-commercial kitchen is not allowed in WA.

Do you have a shopping service?

Yes! I can arrange for your ingredients to be delivered to you prior to your cook up for an additional fee. I will send your list through to you for you to review and you can let me know what you need. I will require either your credit card details, or funds transfer prior to me completing the order.

I have food allergies

Please let me know if you have any food allergies at all so I can work around them if possible. All of the dishes on the website are gluten free and many have nut free and dairy free options.

What hours are you available?

All available blocks are in the calendar on the ‘Book your Cook Up’ page. Our cooks generally work days while their children are in school and while I realise this is when most people are at work we do have a current police clearances to ease your worry while our cooks are in your house. They come and cook while you are out and you come home to a full fridge and clean kitchen.

What areas do you service?

Ketolicious Kreations services the Perth metro area, from Joondalup to Warnbro and most areas in between. There is a postcode checker at the bottom of the website to check if you fall within this area. Suburbs outside of this area may be possible however will incur a surcharge of $10. If you are unsure, feel free to send me an email to check (

My family aren’t keto eaters

The joy of this service is the flexibility I can offer you. If you aren’t following a keto lifestyle please let me know and I can adjust the recipes to suit your needs.

How will you store my meals?

Ideally you would be providing reusable containers for us to use for your meals. You can choose to have them packed as individual serves, or one dish per container. Alternatively, you can purchase single use containers when you place your booking. These containers are 500ml capacity so the meals will be stored as individual serves. It is important to note that meals stored this way will be the meat portion only and no sides unless you specifically request this.

How is this different to me buying freezer meals?

This service is a more personal service than pre-made meals. You will receive a shopping list from me and you arrange the ingredients. This means you are in control of the quality of ingredients (free range, organic etc). It also means we have more flexibility when it comes to the meals. Don’t like coriander? We can leave it out. Would prefer beef over lamb? We can change it. You simply don’t get those options when purchasing pre made meals.

I don’t have a lot of kitchen things

That’s ok! As long as you have a stove and oven, we can bring the rest.

How many meals will I get?

Each of our dishes makes a minimum of 4 serves. With the Freeze Filler Cook Up you will receive at least 20 serves plus two sides of your choice. The Take a Break Cook Up will give you at least 12 serves plus your choice of one of the sides.

Are any hard to find keto ingredients used in the meals?

No. All ingredients can be purchased from local supermarkets. Commonly used ingredients are coconut and olive oils, spices such as cumin, paprika, coriander, onion powder, garlic powder and almond meal.